I've come across it in the first episode of the fifth season of the Walking Dead. Here is the context:

Scientist: Even if I told you all,

even if I provided step-by-step instructions

complete with illustrations and a well-composed FAQ

and I went red-ring...

the cure would still die with me.

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YourDictionary.com defines Red-ring as

Red-ring (verb): (video games, of an Xbox 360 games console) To suffer a general hardware fault, the red ring of death.

Example: My 360 red-ringed and I had to ship it to Texas to get it fixed.

I believe the Scientist relates his own future demise to that of a general hardware fault of a games console.


Following on from the answer by @Seowjooheng Singapore

Here is a picture of a red ring indicating an error condition on an Xbox 360.

enter image description here

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