I want to qualify the word 'money' using the words good, decent, etc. But I am not sure how to use them. Do I have to say a good amount of money or a decent amount of money? Or just good money or decent money? Can I use good and decent interchangeably?


'a good amount of money' and 'a decent amount of money' have similar meaning.

'good money' has similar meaning too.

'decent money' is different. It has a dimension relating to its source.


Good Money

  • Waiting tables can pay good money.
  • You can make good money writing computer code.

Good money and decent money (often used after It's...) are both frequently used to say that a job / appointment / opportunity / task is well paid.

Other common adjectives in this context are ample / adequate / abundant

People also talk about lots / loads / tons of money, as well as easy money and many more.

The source below gives lots of alternatives.


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