In the simple sentence “He made her disappear,” what part of speech is “disappear?”

Could also just be “To make disappear.”

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In the sentence "He made her disappear.", the word disappear is a bare infinitive verb. The phrase "her disappear" is a bare infinitive clause.
The bare infinitive is used with certain main verbs, like "make", as described here:
Thoughtco "bare infinitive"

The zero (or bare) infinitive is used after verbs of perception (see, feel, hear), many auxiliary verbs (may, should, must), the verbs make and let, and the expressions had better and would rather.

(emphasis added).

The phrase "to make disappear" is a to-infinitive phrase that isn't grammatical without a subject (such as the word "her" in your example). It can be use to refer to "make disappear".

With a different main verb, the infinitive clause can be a "to-infinitive", for example, in "He wants to disappear."

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