I want to say

"I am same parent as you are, so I also have the right to demand what is best for my children",

but I am bothered by

"I am same parent as you are"

because it looks like this phrase would mean that the person I am talking to is me. Is there a better way then to express my thought?


The expression you’re looking for is “(just) as much a [noun] as”:

  • I am (just) as much a parent as you (are).

But since you’re parenting the same kids:

  • I am (just) as much their parent as you (are).

The “just” isn’t required, but it adds a sense of indignation, such as during an argument.

  • Thanks for your answer. That's exactly the phrase I was looking for. BTW, in my example I was not parenting same kids; I was talking to a parent of other kids, but that parent was a member of the same group of parents, except for some reason he thought that only he had the right to demand. – brilliant Sep 18 '20 at 13:36

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