I know after linking verb, Adjective and noun should be used, Do 'should be, will be' serve as a linking verb or helping verbs in the following sentences?

  1. John should be here by 2:00 PM.

  2. You should stop eating fast food.

  3. I will not be late

  4. I will be waiting outside


Not so fast! You've misunderstood the term a bit. There is nothing wrong with that.

A linking verb is, as you stated before, followed by an adjective or a modified noun. Such verbs are: get, become, keep, remain, seem, appear, and so on.

John should be here (adverb of place) by 2:00 PM.

You should stop eating(gerund) fast food.

I will not be late(adverb of place).

I will be waiting outside(adverb of place).

Those are auxiliary or helping verbs.

You just mixed up their function in a sentence, failing to recognize a linking verb.

However, here is an example of a linking verb in usage:

She seemed weary (adjective, complement).

In some instances, when the adjective starts with "a-", to-infinitive has to be inserted.

E.g. She appeared to be alive. ( but not: appeared alive, as it sounds unnatural and incorrect. );

Because it's an adjective preceded by a verb and that adjective becomes the complement ultimately, we can now see how you recognize a linking verb.

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