The text is from Over There by Mark Ravenhill. What is this part referring to: "How much you had? Woah, must be gone. You must have since lunchtime."

Franz: Brilliant that’s brilliant. It’s a mirror. Ha ha. That is fucking great. I love that. I fucking love that, it’s a mirror.

Karl: You want a beer, a steak and a shag. And so do I a beer, a steak and a shag. So let’s

Franz: Keep

Karl: The

Franz: Suits

Karl: On

Franz: And

Karl: Get

Franz: A

Karl: Beer

Franz: A

Karl: Steak

Franz: And

Karl: A

Franz: Shag.

Karl / Franz: How much you had? Woah, must be gone. You must have since lunchtime. Two? I don’t think. Two? In your dreams. In your fucking. What so there’s another? I don’t see. There’s only me. There’s only special unique wonderful you better believe it. . . . Reckon you could take it twice? Hungry enough? Big enough? You wide? You wet? Double the? In your fucking. . . . Open wide the twins are coming inside.

  • Probably referring to drinking habits. Sep 28, 2020 at 17:20
  • 1
    Said fast, dropping the have: How much [have] you had? Often dropped in colloquial speech. However, the paragraph has bits that just sound like a drunk.
    – Lambie
    Sep 28, 2020 at 17:33


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