Shall I use

I will endeavor to be a good example for XYS graduates/graduate?

Which one should I use?

  • Would "XYS" be a school (or some other group) in this example? If so you would use "graduates," if you are referring to more than one of them. Otherwise, "the XYS graduate" for singular. – CaptainSkyfish Oct 2 '20 at 22:02

Assuming you are referring to setting a good example for those people who have graduated from XYS university, you would say:

I will endeavor to be a good example for XYS graduates.

If you mean you will be a good example of a person who graduated from XYS (an "alumnus" or "alumna"), then you would write:

I will endeavor to be a good example of an XYS graduate.

The difference here is, are you referring to yourself as a graduate (use the singular); or are you referring to the pool of graduates as the object themselves (then use the plural).

As a side note, more commonly you might use "set a good example" in the first sentence ("I will set a good example for XYS graduates"), and in the second sentence, "I will endeavor to set a good example as an XYS graduate".

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