There is a sentence in a textbook: "I can answer any questions you've got when I see you next." What does "see you next" means? Is it a contraction of "see you next time"?

  • There's no need to assume an "unspecified" noun time here. The word next is a straighforward adverb modifying see, which could equally well have been placed before the verb: ...when I next see you. Or more "poetically", it can even come before the subject: ...when next I see you. Oct 3, 2020 at 17:50

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When I see you next = The next time I meet you.

Note that it isn't actually a literal usage in this case. In the context of a classroom situation (for example), it means 'when the class meets again for a lesson'. If a teacher says "I'll explain it when I see you next", they mean 'in the next lesson'. If they happen to meet the students in a different context, such as in the cafeteria after the lesson, the teacher isn't suddenly going to start explaining the point there.

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