I have been reading several CV and I have found a grammatical structure that I had never seen before. I think that it consists in using just the participle instead of the present continuous, for instance:

Research Experience

  • Undertook six-week summer placement in Centre of blah blah
  • Undertook tissue cultures of different cell lines such as EC and hES cells in compliance with health and safety procedures
  • Observed several lab techniques and protocols including blah blah
  • Adhered to PPE and social distancing due to Covid-19

Is my guess correct?. What is this grammatical structure?.

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It's just simple Simple Past, with the pronoun omitted. It's common in lists such as ones in a CV to not repeat I / he / the candidate on every single line:

(The candidate) undertook (a) six-week summer placement...

(The candidate) undertook tissue cultures...

(The candidate) observed several lab techniques...

  • (also, can I add my social distancing experience under "research"? I've been pretty good at it!) Oct 5, 2020 at 18:49

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