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a helping hand

help and support

give/lend/offer etc somebody a helping hand

She’s been giving me a helping hand with the children.

give (somebody) a hand

spoken to help someone do something

Can you give me a hand?

give (somebody) a hand with

Shall I give you a hand with that bag?

I guess "give someone a hand" is more about helping with physical things such as moving a table or holding a bag for someone. And, "give someone a helping hand" is more about helping with non-physical things such as talking children to school or taking care of elderly people or supporting life of someone.

Are there any differences between "give someone a helping hand" and "give someone a hand"?

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"Give [x] a hand" is an idiomatic way of saying help someone... however it is also an idiomatic way of inviting applause for someone. Context, of course, ought to make it clear which you mean.

"A helping hand" is just a more specific idiom. "Lend a hand" is another.

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