As jeans-lovers have entered the corporate world they have popularized a casual work look, wearing Jeans as the basic wardrobe ___ laid-back but actually ambitious new professionalism. (From an English test)

Why "of a seemingly" would fit for the blank? The Oxford dictionary presents the world "professionalism" as uncountable, so isn't it contradictory to the article " a"?


Many (perhaps most) uncountable words can be used as countable when the reference is to a particular instance or type.


I will drink some wine (uncountable) with That is a good wine (a type, so countable).

I feel love (uncountable) with I have a love of music (a type, so countable).

We hate injustice (uncountable) with An injustice which must be corrected (a specific instance, so countable).

Here we have a laid-back but ... ambitious new professionalism (maybe not strictly a type of professionalism, but qualified in the same kind of way) - countable.

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