Please read the following two sentences.

1) "We are concerned over this issue as the list seems to be expanding from drinks to foods"

2) "Samples have been taken to be analyzed"

Today, I found this while I was searching for "to be + ing" pattern. The answerer says that first sentence is in active voice but I can't really understand why. It really seems like to be in passive voice. Could someone please teach me that?

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The difference in the participle marks different constructions:

BE + present participle is the active progressive.
The list is expanding. ... The list seems to be expanding.
We are analyzing the samples. ... We will be analyzing the samples.

BE + past participle is passive.
The list has been expanded. ... The list seems to have been expanded.
The samples have been analyzed. ... The samples will be analyzed.


I would say "seems to" is a fixed expression after which an infinitive has to follow. So the (active) continious form "is expanding" is changed to "be expanding" (still active).

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