A1. An exchange of money is the process where...

A2. The exchange of money is the process where...

I would say that #A1 = any exchange of money/exchange of money in general; and #A2 = “exchange of money in general/exchange of money that happens nearby you”.

B1. It is an exchange of money.

B2 It is the exchange of money.

I would say, #B1 = “exchange of money in general”, and #B2 = the only exchange of money out of the group.

Are my interpretations correct? If not, what’s the difference between A1 and A2; and B1 and B2?

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“An exchange of money” refers to a singular exchange of money.

“The exchange of money” refers to the process itself generally (for this reason, A1 may be considered slightly incorrect, though it would be considered acceptable). It may also refer to some specific exchange of money that you’re already talking about or have alluded to. E.g.:

The exchange of money will take place at midnight.

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