The following is an excerpt from an NYT article:

In 1996, Mr. Lee was convicted of bribing the country’s president, then pardoned. More than a decade later, he was found guilty of tax evasion but given another reprieve, this time so he could resume lobbying to bring the Winter Olympics to the mountain town of Pyeongchang in 2018.

Can anyone please explain the usage of "this time so" here? "So" must be a conjunction since there's no conjunction linking two clauses. What about "this time" then?

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"This time" and "so" are separate things. No reason is given for his reprieve of 1996, but this time, that is, for this new reprieve, the purpose was so [that] he could resume lobbying.

He was given a reprieve so he could resume lobbying.
This time, he was given a reprieve for that purpose.

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