Taking into consideration the skills of Hassim in these courses, I am sure she made the right decision in choosing the master’s in agriculture. Furthermore, this master is crucial for enhancing his capacity to research and develop projects related to food production, which are required to assist the urgent demand of food for zones with scarcity.

  1. Is it clear that which are is referring to projects in this sentence?

  2. Is it correct to say ....to assist the urgent demand? I don't want to use to supply because I used it previously.


There are several idiomatic and stylistic errors in what you have proposed, but none that will prevent comprehension. Your “which are” is fine; no problem there. Your use of “assist” does not mean what you want it to mean, but people will figure out what you intend. What you should say is “assist in meeting the demand” rather than “assist the demand.”

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