This controversy why is valid?

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The Grammar Qualifier says the formula is qualifier + verb, exist a puzzling controverting case in the bold sentence below:

we regretted a bit does not comply with the formula because the verb regretted is first than the qualifier a bit

Examples complying with the formula:

  • I quite like that = qualifier + verb
  • The "rule" being illustrated isn't as hard-and-fast as you think. Some qualifiers in some contexts can go either before OR after the verb or noun that they modify. – FumbleFingers Nov 2 '20 at 19:14

The wording of "qualifier + verb" indicates that the following examples are examples of qualifiers being used with verbs, not necessarily in that order.

The book shows examples of the qualifier going both before the verb (I quite like that), and after a verb (might be cheating slightly). It depends on the qualifier in question, and a bit belongs to the latter group of qualifiers that are typically used after the verb.

  • So the wording qualifier + verb is not implying an order? – Pablo Ramos Escalona Nov 2 '20 at 20:41

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