I'm learning present perfect and simple past in English and I have a question, is it correct to say "My parents have fallen in love and have gotten married" or "they fell in love and got married"?

Thank you :)


The meanings are different.

"My parents have fallen in love and (have) got married" means it has happened recently. So you were born before they fell in love and got married. It is possible :-)

You probably need the simple past. "My parents fell in love and got married." This simply means it happened.

Only a newborn baby can say, "I have been born!" Mostly we say, "I was born (in 1970)", "I was born in Scotland" etc.

[Btw, in British English we very rarely use the word gotten.]

  • Thank you so much! <3 – Karla Muñoz Nov 6 '20 at 21:49

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