Let's say there's something under the couch and you use a broom to get it.

Is it right to say:

You swept it out (from) under the couch?

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I think it's grammatically correct but from what I've read, you should try to avoid redundant prepositions in formal writing. This is the sort of thing that most people wouldn't notice.

Source: https://www.grammarly.com/blog/prepositions/

Press CTRL + F then search for "up over the fence."


You can either say

You swept it from under the couch


You swept it out from under the couch

They way you have put parentheses around from, suggests you believe this is optional, but that does not work (for me at least).


It depends on the tense, you can say it how you did (past-tense) but if it is in present-tense then you would say...

"You sweep it out from under the couch." or "You sweep it from under the couch."

Like how a game tells you what you did in the present tense (e.g. "You take the ball.")

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