SELLARS: Mrs. Murphy, last night, Alex had a psychotic break. He killed an unarmed colleague and later suffered a seizure. We did everything, everything, we could, but the doctors couldn't save him. Very sorry, Mrs. Murphy. We're going to be making the announcement shortly. Sorry. If there's anything we can do for you and David, we'll do it.

Mrs. Murphy: I want nothing from you.

SELLARS: I understand.

Mrs. Murphy: You stay out of our lives. You and your company.

-- Robocop 2014

I think that here We're going to be making the announcement is the same as We will be making the announcement or We're going to make the announcement, right?

Is this usage just a matter of stylistic choice, or making the statement sound more formal? Any nuances implied?

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It's basically identical, yes. The phrase suggests that the thing being done is slightly difficult or laborious in some way, or perhaps that is has previously been delayed for some reason, but it's very subtle. This is likely to be spoken English, not written.

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