What do you call a scene of a music clip where the singer is seen singing? I think clip is the generic word for a sequence in a music clip, but I can't think of the word used for the clips where the singer is seen singing. Is there a special word for it? I am pretty sure there isn't. If now, how do people refer to it in a quick way, because "clip where the singer is seen singing" is a big mouthful?

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There is perhaps a term used by producers of music videos. I've never had to use it.

Checking some online essays about pop videos, they speak of "Performance"

switching between narrative and performance shots with close up lip-syncs and shots of the band miming

Performance videos focus on the artist performing, alone or in front of an audience.

The video cuts between a narrative of a woman fighting with a lover, and clips of the band performing in a brightly lit room.

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