My issue with Kohinoor Black Watch is that the dial shape makes it look very huge on my skinny 6 and a quarter inch but Pratap's (a watch) curvature makes it look a bit more toned down.

Question - Should that be look or looks?

I'm 99% sure that I am using look correctly but when I read this sentence, there is this weird itch I feel. My English teacher in school taught me to read something out loud and it'd feel weird if it is wrong. It did work for 11 years. So, yeah


The correct is "make it look" The form is "make (something) + (bare infinitive)"

He makes her eat dinner

She made him pay

We are making it work

and so on.

  • Yes, you'd only use the third person singular without 'make' as in "The Kohinoor Black Watch's dial shape looks huge on my skinny wrist". When we say that "X makes Y look Z" makes is the main verb and is, therefore, in the third person singular. The verb 'look' (or appear, or seem etc) is not the main verb and the bare infinitive is used. – BoldBen Nov 16 '20 at 1:41

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