What do you call staff at polling stations? I mean people who are employed during elections to count ballots, sign election protocols (or whatever you call those pieces of paper with final tallies).

  • Counting isn't done at polling stations, at least in the UK.
    – James K
    Nov 16, 2020 at 7:48

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In the UK there are different roles:

The Returning officer is responsible for running the election in a constintuency. They are the most senior local official in a constituency. They also announce (or "return") the result.

Presiding Officers work at each polling station. They run the polling station and are helped by Poll Clerks, who check each voter's details and hand out ballots.

Then at night, the ballots are returned to be counted, watched by the returning officer and counted by Count Assistants (note, the count isn't done in the polling station)

In general all these are "Election staff", but I'd understand "Polling staff", "Poll workers" and so forth.


"Poll workers" is the usual term in California.

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