Lose hope about life


Lose hope on life


Lose hope over life

What are the differences in these 3 sentences? And how are they used? Do all of them make the same meaning like "No hope from life." ?

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    I would say (and this might be true any time you are referring to life in general) you can just leave off the preposition and the word “life” and write “lose hope.” That said, only the first one sounds remotely natural to me. I would say “lose hope for life” or “lose hope in life”. I think whether one has hope or loses it, it comes from the subject and can only really be for a positive outcome in a given arena. – Tyler James Young Jun 19 '14 at 14:15

I have never heard or read losing hope on or over life. Usually, we hear "lose/give up hope of life" or "lose hope for life". Sometimes, we also hear "lose hope in or about life". The use of over or on here sounds rather unnatural.


The real question is about the prepositions 'about', 'on' and 'over'. Okay, let's take one by one.

Lose hope about life -- about as a preposition is generally used to mean with regard or relation to; on the subject of.

The preposition about makes the topic broader. If I ask this question, the answer is in detail.

What do you think about life? ~ Ah, life is all about enjoying every moment. It's about falling and then rising and never giving up...it's about loving someone truly and be loved, it's about caring your family and do something for society... blah...blah...blah...

Now the second one,

Lose hope on life --on as a preposition here is referring life directly. Straightforwardly.

If I ask someone using that preposition, the answer is quite straightforward.

Can anyone rely on their lives? ~ No, life is uncertain!

The third one (which is weird!)

Lose hope over life -- on the very first glance, I thought you are comparing hope over life! In other words, this sentence gives the listener the message of losing hope in the contrast of life!

Something like... I'll choose money over fame.

Google Ngram shows this result:

enter image description here

And yes, all mean 'Life's hopeless!'

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