He just want to rough me and eat food.

I searched online dictionaries for rough as a verb but there is not any meaning fits with that sentence well.

So could you please tell me what the meaning is here?

The fuller text is here:

Me and Morufu, we don’t talk much. He is always so busy with his farming and taxi-driving work from early morning till night. Sometimes, he will call me to his room, make me to stand in his front with my hand in my back, and ask me question as if he a doctor. He will ask me if I am having pregnants yet or if my monthly visitor have come because he want me to quick and carry pregnants and born a boy, but most times, he just want to rough me and eat food. I keep to drinking the drink Khadija make for me, from a dark bottle full of bitter leafs and ginger. When it is my turn with Morufu, I will take a quick cap of it, go to his room, and watch him swallow his own Fire-Cracker, before I am making myself a dead body so that he can rough me. I am hoping that maybe after six months or something like that, he will see that no pregnant is ever coming, and he can send me go back to my papa. Maybe.

The girl with louding voice by Abi Dare.

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The book is written by a Nigerian about life in Nigeria. It may be written in Nigerian Standard English. Some words will be slang that is particular to that dialect and unlikely to appear in British / American English dictionaries.

From the context, 'rough' appears to mean 'have sex with' based on the fact she talks about allowing a boy to do this to her in order to get pregnant.


The meaning of rough as a verb is “to subject to abuse” as you can find the meaning from Merriam-Webster’s dictionary.

1 : ROUGHEN 2a : to subject to abuse : MANHANDLE, BEAT —usually used with up b : to subject to unnecessary and intentional violence in a sport a penalty for roughing the passer c : SHELL sense 3 —used with up was roughed up for six runs 3 : to calk or otherwise roughen (a horse's shoes) to prevent slipping 4a : to shape, make, or dress in a rough or preliminary way b : to indicate the chief lines of rough out the structure of a building rough it : to live under harsh or primitive conditions

I’m not very familiar to the context of the paragraph as I haven’t read the full novel but my guess is that the verb rough here means to sexually abuse because he wants a baby that badly!

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