I’m a Japanese English teacher. I come across a strange sentence when I’m correcting a student’s composition. Although I feel it’s strange but I can’t explain why. I need your help.

In this situation, which expression is more appropriate? Or another better expression?

Situation: Two people are standing in front of a bus stop, talking. Then it’s started raining. A person goes: “It’s started to rain. Do you have one more umbrellas with you?” Another one says: The weather forecast says it’s raining today.

I feel the sentence in bold should be replaced by the expression like “The weather forecast said it would rain around this time today.” What do you think? Am I wrong? I tried to put this sentence in Google but there’s no result.

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Yes, in this context, the weather forecast said it would rain today or might rain today or it was going to rain today.

The expression it's raining today might be used by someone who peers through a window to see what the weather is like.

Or, someone might say: My son, who's in Paris, says it's raining there today.

Two minor points about your introduction.
You can use although or but but not both.
Either: Although I feel it's strange, I can't explain why
Or: I feel it's strange but I can't explain why.

And either:
Do you have one more (another) umbrella? (singular)
Or: Do you have more umbrellas? (Plural)

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