If I transform a sentence in present perfect into it-cleft construction, for example,

He has inspired me.

which pair of tenses used in both matrix and subordinate clauses are correct? or neither.

  1. It was he who has inspired me.
  2. It has been he who has inspired me.
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    Either It was he who [had] inspired me or It is he who has inspired / does inspire / inspires me. Don't mix incompatible present and past tense verbs. But in almost all contexts it would be much better to stick with the simpler form He [has] inspired me. – FumbleFingers Nov 24 '20 at 16:44

He has inspired me.

We can change it into a cleft sentence :

It is he who has inspired me.

NOT, It was he who has inspired me.

We cannot mix past and present tenses in matrix and content clauses.

If the sentence is :

He had inspired me

The cleft sentence should be :

It was he who had inspired me.

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