I want to ask myself what kind of job I'm gonna do. I want to know which one should be ok:

  1. What job should I have?
  2. What job I should have?



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If it is a direct question , then the first sentence is correct: What job should I have?". If it is an indirect question like,"I I want to ask myself what job I shoud have?",the second option is correct. An indirect sentence the verb is in the affirmative. Another example: direct question= "What did yoy make for dinner?" indirect question= Bob asked me what I had made for dinner.


The word order in English is usually subject - verb - object, with an auxiliary verb ("should") before the subject ("I") in questions: interrogative - auxiliary verb - subject - main verb - object. However, with "wh-fronting", you have an inversion of the word order. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good site explaining that, and the Wikipedia article is difficult to understand... Anyway, number 1 is correct.

I have a job.
Do I have a job?
Should I have a job?
What job should I have?


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