I want to write a book and wanted some help deciding the words I could use to enhance it. So the guy is running really fast. How can I make it sound better?

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The best, most general synonym that I can think of for running really fast would be sprinting.


He is running super fast.

He is running very quickly.

I'm running super fast.

I'm running very quickly.

He ran at top speed/is running at top speed/l'm running at top speed.

He's/l'm running like the wind/lightening.

He's legging it.

I'm legging it.

He's running at a fast pace.

I'm running at a fast pace.

He paced along.

I'm pacing it.

He's running like a bolt of lightning. Or bolt.

I'm running like a bolt of lightening. Or like a bolt.

He's/I'm bolting it.


You can say: I was sprinting so fast that the corner of my eyes became a complete blur. I dashed in front of anything that came to my sight. I quickened my pace until my steps became huge leaps. Hope this helps you!

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