One of my colleagues (not a native English speaker) always ends his emails like this:


I guess he means Best regards with Bests. Could someone help explain?

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    I've never seen anyone end a letter or email with that before. It might just be a personal quirk unique to your colleague? – MarielS Dec 1 '20 at 5:00
  • googled a bit more. could it possibly mean "Best regards & best wishes", 2 best's? – Herik Dec 1 '20 at 5:54

It depends on where Mike is from. Perhaps there is a similar expression in his native language which he has tried to replicate in English. Or perhaps he has a personal reason for using this phrase.

However without that additional context, this is not technically a proper way to end an email. Here are some alternatives which are typical and similar (there are many more):

  • Best
  • Best Regards
  • Best Wishes
  • All the Best
  • i speak the same native lang as he. we don't have such expression. thanks for the explanation. at least i got to know it's not commonly used english. – Herik Dec 1 '20 at 7:05

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