Is in responses to a correct usage? I use in response to when the amount of subjects is one and in responses to when the amount of subjects is more than one. For example:

In response to A, B does...
In responses to A, B and C do...

Or should it be:

In response to A, B does one thing.
In responses to A, B does two things.

Which usage is correct?


The singular in response. You may be responding to multiple items, but you are still composing a single response.

  • But the context is not defined well enough to completely rule out the plural here: A survey was conducted in which 1000 participants where asked to look at a diagram and determine what B does. As determined by over 800 responses to the survey, B does two things... – Jim Jun 22 '14 at 18:34

How many responses do you compose? One, so you must write all the time in response to.

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