Context 1: Let's say me and my friend are in my moving car, and there is a car behind us; and I think that car is following us. Can I say either,

"The car behind us is following us"


"The car behind is following us"

I am sure we can say, "The car behind us is following us." How about, "The car behind is following us"? Do you think it is okay?

Context 2: Let's say I am walking with my friend on a street.I suddenly stumbled, and my friend asked what had happened. Can I say these interchangeably,

"A guy behind pushed me"


"A guy behind me pushed me"

Again, I know we can say "A guy behind me pushed me"; but I wonder if we can say, "A guy behind push me."


The "us" or "me" can be omitted here. It clarifies what "behind" refers to. In some cases omission of such a word can lead to ambiguity, but here there is no reasonable lack of clarity -- no reasonable person would actually misunderstand. teh "me" or "us" is clearly implied.

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