I recently read some articles from cityam.com and found some titles had similar patterns like "Screenshot: blahblahblah...". For example

I looked up the word screenshot in Cambridge Dictionary, lexico.com and Collins Dictionary. All of them just showed two meanings:

  • as a noun: an image of what is shown on a computer screen
  • as a verb: to make an image of what is shown on a computer screen so it can be copied or saved

It seems neither of the above is suitable for the use cases. Can someone help explain?

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It is used as a proper noun: Screenshot. That is just the name of the column that its writer decided to use to call his column.

A column is a series of opinion articles that appear periodically in a newspaper, penned by a particular writer or a group of writers, who are called "columnists". It is customary for the editor or columnist to decide on a unique name for the column. For example, one of my favorite columns is a New York Times linguistics column called On Language, which unfortunately has discontinued.

As to why is that particular column that you are reading called Screenshot, it seems the column articles are all about taking a snap from the political/cultural environment and taking about it. So "screenshot" is arguably an apt name.

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