If a building is "enveloped in snowflakes from a dark sky," does it mean that:

A/ There is a layer of snow all over the building

B/ There are snowflakes falling all around the building, i.e., it is snowing on it

C/ Although there is not a full layer of snow on the building, we can see snowflakes increasingly sticking on it

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In general, snowflakes only refer to singular, small pieces of snow, either falling from the sky or distinguishable on a surface (eg. if a single snowflake falls on your jacket). Once they combine into a mass, they're just refered to as snow.

As such, a building enveloped in snowflakes would most likely refer to it being obscured by falling snow - so that's your meaning b). If you wanted to refer to a building that has a layer of snow over it, you could say it's enveloped in snow.

  • That's perfect, thanks a lot!
    – Miles
    Dec 8, 2020 at 8:29

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