I made up sentences down below. Which of them is/are incorrect?

  1. I defeated an army of ten thousand men/troops.
  2. I defeated a ten thousand men/troops army.
  3. I defeated an army of ten thousand strong.
  4. We were ten thousand strong in the battle.
  5. We were ten thousand troops/men in the battle.
  6. My army was ten thousand strong.
  7. His army was over half a million strong.

Is "my forces defeated that army numbering ten thousand troops" correct? If so, does it mean my army or my enemy's army numbered that much troops?

  • Men is the traditional expression used in historical accounts, but now that women can take part in combat, maybe troops is considered more PC. "Ten thousand strong" is more poetic/literary. – Kate Bunting Dec 13 '20 at 9:22

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