Someone has behaved in an outrageous way at work. He meets in the next day.

Coworker: How are you?

Person: I'm okay. I'm just a little embarrassed about my behavior yesterday.

Another coworker: Embarrassed? Why would you be embarrassed?

Coworker: Don't listen to him.

Is "another coworker's" response phrased in a perfectly natural way to convey sarcasm?

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It does convey irony, but I am not sure about sarcasm, which is a bit more painful for the targeted person. I do not think that the following affirmation is groundless

Irony is to point out the absurdity of something. Sarcasm is meant to wound.

So it depends on the speaker's intention. You could emphasise sarcasm maybe by adding ever:

Embarrassed? Why would you ever be embarrassed?


Embarrassed? Now why on earth would you be embarrassed? (Makes me wonder...)

Note that intonation plays a big role in how caustic irony or sarcasm can be.

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