How to tell someone we haven't seen for a long time (say a couple of years) that they have not aged at all and look exactly the same as they looked back then.

I have heard the following sentence:

You haven't even aged a day.

Does it work properly here?

I am well aware there are many ways in English to indicate the same thing, but the expression in my question should indicate exactly the message within my explanations.

Please kindly let me know about it.

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You don't look a day older or You haven't changed a bit! seem the most idiomatic to me.


You have aged gracefully is a polite and decent way to respond.

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    "Aging gracefully" is very different from "you haven't change a bit." To age gracefully means to show the visible signs of age, but in a good way (and in particular, without trying to hide those signs with hair dye, makeup, plastic surgery, etc.). Commented Dec 13, 2020 at 17:21

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