I was wondering how to say I miss you so much in an exaggerated way?

I know the following structures:

a. I miss you to pieces.
b. I miss you to the moon and back. (I have my doubts whether this construction can be used for "missing")
c. I miss you to death.

Finally, I wonder if there are some other similar structures especially in AmE.


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You can use any idiom that you have posted, here are examples from books.

  • to the moon and back:

Vivian Kolodziej (American). I Miss You to the Moon and Back.

  • to pieces:

Jan Karon (American). To Be Where You Are.

But I'll miss you to pieces.

  • in the worst way:

Steve Kralick. In the Shade of the Caribbean.

I miss you in the worst way. I baked your favorite birthday cake, and you never got to see it.

  • to death:

Marisa Santi. Dancing To Happiness.

I miss you to death, Robbie!

  • so bad one can taste it

  • something fierce:

Michelle Irwin. Phoebe Reede: The Untold Story: Complete Series.

We would miss each other something fierce as soon as we said goodbye.

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