There is an eastern proverb (perhaps a Middle Eastern one, ) which is used to ask someone in a spoken manner to keep something as a secret and do not reveal that they have seen or heard anything. I know some equivalents for that, but I have no idea which one is used by Americans to convey this message?

Here is my list:

a. Mum's the word.
b. See no evil, hear no evil (It is a very close phrasing to what I need.)

However, both sayings work for me and the only thing I need to make sure about is whether they are common in American English in my explained case. If not, then what would be the closest AmE equivalent for that?


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I also think that see no evil, hear no evil isn't suitable for this case.

Although mum's the word is used in American English, it is better to use keep something under wraps, according to Ngram Viewer statistics.

Ngram Viewer is showing comparison between usage of idioms

You can customize this yourself, and find other idioms at Spellzone.com.

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