1. If I were your brother, I wouldn't have approved.

  2. If I had a knife in my hand, I might have stabbed him.

Do these two sound correct?


The second example should be
If I had had a knife in my hand, I might have stabbed him.
for correct sequence of tenses. The first "had" is a marker of perfect tense, and the second "had" is the past tense of "have", to possess.

The first example is alright because being a brother is a permanent relationship. If it were some other relationship, the "if" clause should be in perfect tense:
If I had been with you, I wouldn't have approved.


They both work, but I think it would be more appropriate to use a semicolon ";", because they are not joined by a conjunction. If you did use a conjunction to join the sentences, then a comma would necessary.

For example:

  1. I wouldn't have approved, if I were your bother.
  2. I might have stabbed him, if I had a knife [in my hand].

Does this help you?

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