If I am going to do X, what would the cost of doing Y be?

Is this sentence grammatically correct? I want to imply that now that I have to do X and doing X is inevitable, I think doing Y is not that much costly anymore. I’ve used ”would” because I don’t necessarily need to do Y, and I can choose whether or not I want to do it. So I’d like to say that doing Y wouldn't be that much hard anymore if I decided to do it.

Also, do you categorize my first sentence as a conditional sentence? It certainly doesn't lie among classic conditional categories (first to third conditionals). I personally think that maybe it’s not a conditional sentence, and the if-clause acts as a normal subordinate here, because I can somehow substitute ”when/now that/because” for ”if” in the sentence. (e.g. Now that I’m going to do X, what would the cost of doing Y be?)


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