Artificial Intelligence - AI. It is now a proper noun.

The sentence goes like -

"Artificial Intelligence can make better prediction of cholera outbreaks."

The capital letters 'A' and 'I' are justified because they are the part of proper nouns.

What if I'm using the proper nouns as nouns. No capitalization therefore.

"Machines can now have artificial intelligence using what they can take better decisions themselves."

Will it, by any means, be improper not to capitalize the letters A and I?

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    Who says 'artificial intelligence' is a proper noun? Dec 22, 2020 at 7:12

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Proper nouns are capitalized; common nouns are not. The same combination of words might be a proper noun or common according to meaning.

In London, Green Park is a very green park.

The common noun park is used as part of the name of a particular park called "Green Park"

However, I doubt that "artificial intelligence" is a proper noun. It does not name a particular entity, rather it names a type of entity. I would recommend the spelling "Artificial intelligence can make better prediction..." Unless you are referring to a specific computer program which is named "Artificial Intelligence". I wouldn't be very strict about this, it is an orthographic detail that I would pass over without comment.

The abbreviation is commonly written in all-capitals as "AI", this helps it to stand out and suggests the reading as "ei-ai" rather than as an acronym.


The phrase 'artificial intelligence', abbreviated as AI, is a branch of study or research. It is, therefore, a common noun. Therefore you would not usually capitalise it according to English rules.

Now, if 'Artificial Intelligence' is the name of a device, software, hardware, app, website, etc. which would help people to determine symptoms of cholera and thus predict the possibilities, then you would capitalise it, since it then becomes a unique thing.

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