Take a look at this:

"After a year, the research participants had an angiogram—a special X-ray that shows the trickle of blood that gets through to the heart—and the results were compared to ..."

The author is talking about the arteries inside the heart; because the subject matter is heart disease. So shouldn't it just say:

"the trickle of blood that *gets through the heart"?

I don't get it!

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As I understand it, an angiogram shows up the blood vessels which supply the heart muscle, so the reference is to blood getting through to the heart to keep it working, not to the blood being pumped by the heart.


To get through to means to reach, to get to, to have contact with.

So your sentence means

a special X-ray that shows the trickle of blood that makes its way through to the heart (until it reaches the heart)

You can find some thesaurus synonyms here.

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