I have read in one page: If a subject relative clause does not include BE, you can't simply reduce it. So, a sentence like this "I know a woman who works there." cannot be reduced. What would you say?

  • I would strongly advise you to drop the term "reduce". "I know a woman working there" is semantically similar to the relative clause in "I know a woman who works there", The ing clause does modify "woman" but it is a gerund-participial clause, not a 'reduced' relative one.
    – BillJ
    Dec 26, 2020 at 7:44

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A participle can often be used instead of a relative pronoun and full verb :

I know a woman who works there.

( "Who works there" = Relative clause)

This relative clause can be reduced by using present participle :

I know a woman working there.

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