I often wonder what is the proper pronunciation of "lives", like how would I pronounce "human lives", am I suppose to pronounce it like:


Like i in thing.

Or more like:


Like i in I'm.

I usually say the "Leeves" way, but I mostly hear people say the "Laives" version.

I would like to know the proper pronunciation of "lives".


The verb "to live" has a short /ɪ/ sound. It is the same sound as in "sit" (and not the same as in seat or in site)

The noun "a life" and the plural "many lives" has the dipthong /aɪ/ It is the same sound as in "site".

Cats have nine lives (/laɪvz/)

He lives in Boston (/lɪvz/)

  • The IPA spelling is important too (/laɪvz/ and /lɪvz/) because different accents will pronounce sounds in different ways. So there's no one correct pronunciation, but there are some common ones, and the consistency with other words is what's important. Dec 27 '20 at 11:46

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