Could you tell me what pull out means in this context?

Michael: That’s crazy. That’s crazy talk! Meredith! The Merenator, sleepin’ with suppliers! Hoo-ooh! Wow! What time we got? [checks watch] You know what? That’s a good place to end it. Right there. This, I think, was a great ethics seminar. She has given us a lot of wonderful things to think about. Right… what is wrong. Who’s to say? Really. In the end. I mean because it is… unknowable. But, let’s give her a round of applause. Holly, everybody. Holly! Get back to work. [everyone applauds, then leaves] [to Holly] Great job. I am truly impressed. That, uh, you really pulled that one out. Classic. Classic meeting. We should celebrate.

It's from the second episode of the fifth episode of The Office.


She pulled it off (another way to put it, I believe they are synonymous), she succeeded in giving a seminar on business ethics. The meeting went great, in Michael's opinion. It was a classic (excellent, of high quality) meeting (again, from Michael's perspective :) )

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