Which one of these is correct?

-"I paid $200 of sales tax on my computer."
-"I paid sales tax of $200 on my computer."

Can anyone please explain me the correct word order.


In financial transactions, we use the preposition in to categorise different parts of the total. For example, I might make a bank deposit of $100 in cash and $200 in cheques, giving a total of $300.

Here is an example relating to sales tax:

Consider a simple example. A purchaser of $1000 worth of camping equipment, who resides in a state with a 5% sales and use tax, might consider three suppliers. Firm A is an in-state firm who must collect 5% ($50) in sales tax. - Interstate Sales Tax Collection Act of 1987 (US Congress Subcommittee on Monopolies and Commercial Law)


I would think using "for" would be better:

I paid $200 for sales tax on my computer.

"$200 of sales tax" sounds a bit strange; for means that the you spent $200 for paying the sales tax.

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