I am glad.

What question of mentioned above to this sentence is correct? I want to ask about subject.

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    Who am glad? is not a valid sentence. Am is only appropriate with I. Dec 28, 2020 at 9:08

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"Who am glad" is never correct, grammatically or logically (if you try to put am in there, you probably know the answer because am always refers to first-person singular).

Who is glad?


Correct: Who is glad?

'Who is glad?' - 'I am glad.' ('Am' is used with 'I')

'Who are glad?'-'We are glad.'

Be= am, is, are (present)

= was, were (past)

I am, I was, You are, You were, He is, He was, It is, It was, They are, They were,


A- 'Who is the manager?'

B- 'I is the manager.'

A-'Are you?'

B- 'Yes, I are.'

A- 'Who am glad?'

B- 'I am glad.'

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