Could you explain to me which is correct (or if they are both correct)? What are the differences in meaning between these sentences?

Is this version supposed to be fixed by us?

Does this version supposed to be fixed by us?

I am a bit confused. Thanks!

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Is this supposed to be fixed by us?

This is the grammatically correct version since the affirmative statement is:

This version is supposed to be fixed by us.

However, I don't know why you would use the passive voice here. The best, most direct version is

Are we supposed to fix this version?

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    There is a good case for using the passive voice: it draws attention to question of whose responsibility it is, rather than whether it should be fixed. For example at a meeting, I would be more inclined to ask "Is this supposed to be fixed by us?" vs. "Are we supposed to fix this, or are you"? – Tiercelet Jun 27 '14 at 21:29

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