If there are 5 boys, 4 boys eat chicken, and 1 boy doesn't eat chicken, is saying just 'boys eat chicken' wrong?


Just saying "boys eat chicken" is more towards the meaning of "all boys eat chicken", so I will recommend that you say:

Most boys eat chicken.

In your case, or you could also say:

Some boys eat chicken.

Or just simply say:

Four out of five boys eat chicken.

Thanks to @PrimeMover, he came up with another idea:

Of these 5 boys, 4 eat chicken.

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    Only strictly accurate to say: "Of these 5 boys, 4 eat chicken." – Prime Mover Jan 2 at 6:21
  • @PrimeMover Oh thanks for reminding me, edited mine :-) – U11-Forward Jan 2 at 6:22

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