Woman: So much to do and so little time to do it in.

Man: Do you think you'll make it?

Woman: Sure. I'll make it.

Man: But do you make enough money for everything you do?

Woman: Just enough. I make do.

Man: So do I. I make do as well.

What does "Do you think you'll make it" mean?

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    to make it means to succeed in sth or to achieve sth – Andrew Tobilko Jan 2 at 15:42

Make it

  1. be successful in your job

She's a very good dancer but I'm not sure she'll make it as a professional.

  1. succeed in reaching a place

The train leaves in ten minutes. Hurry up or we won't make it.

  1. survive after an illness, accident, etc

‘Do you think she's going to make it, doctor?' ‘It's really too soon to say.'


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